KassaiLaw Pricing Models

We are always very flexible when it comes to finding the most favorable payment option for our clients. We have gathered on one page, our most popular pricing structures to help you understand how we work and decide on what’s best for you. 


Project-Based Fix FeeIf you seek for legal advice in connection with a certain project, we examine the tasks and estimate the working hours that is necessary in order to complete the all the tasks and finish the project. The compensation for the project is based on this estimation and it is considered a fix fee. This way your legal costs are predictable, and the price becomes one less thing to worry about. 
Capped Fee

This model is slightly different from the fixed fee model: in case of capped fees, we make an estimation for the project and set a maximum price (“cap”) we will charge for completing the project. As the estimation and cap are based on our working hours, we will charge for the amount of the hours spent on the project, but will not exceed the cap. 

Hybrid Hourly and Fixed

In this hybrid model, charges for contract or document preparation are fixed while meetings and calls are charged on an hourly basis. This model is best if, because of the nature of the project, preparing the documents will need to involve a lot of dialogue and meeting sessions, the length of which we’re not able to estimate. This model may also be used in other cases, such as for contract template preparation, where the template itself is made on a fixed fee, and customization for each business case you’ll use the template later on is charged by the hour. 

Subscription Pricing

In case of the subscription model, we provide you with legal services on an as-needed basis for a set monthly subscription fee. For the set subscription fee, we are available for a set number of hours, on an ongoing monthly basis. If certain project fall outside the scope of the subscription fee or would exceed the set hours, we agree on another pricing option for that particular project. This model is great for you in case you need ongoing legal help for smaller tasks, such as contract customization.  

Hourly Pricing

As much as we are a big advocates of alternative pricing models, in rare cases, because of the unpredictable nature of the matter, we need to return to the traditional way to charge for our services. In case of hourly pricing, we charge a set rate for all the time we spend working on the case. Of course, you can always choose this pricing option if you prefer. 


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