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What really measures success is debatable, but there are certainly some moments when it’s worth pausing for a moment to appreciate what you have achieved. We have taken a look at the businesses around us and selected 5 + 1 outstanding awards that these companies have received recently. We’re proud to be surrounded by such amazing minds!  


#1 Liebestipps – Austria 

Petra Fuerst, Digital Nomad/ Freedompreneur of the year 2019 

This award is meant for someone who deserves recognition for enabling people to create more flexible work and lifestyle choices, by fostering economy and technology from different locations and creating a culture-of-giving through social impact, and for leading the location independent movement by example. We have no doubt that Petra, the founder of Liebestipps, is the rightful owner of this award. By building the largest coaching network in the German speaking countries, Petra and her team allow their customers both remote and in-person access to high-quality coaching and creative workspaces.


#2 Parkl – Hungary

Best Smart City Solution 2019 CESA Regional winner

Who doesn’t love smart city solutions? They create sustainability in our cities and improve the quality of life of its residents. No one can deny that transportation and parking are an indispensable part of our everyday lives in a big city, but we all know the struggle of finding a parking space in the concrete jungle. That is why we love the idea of Parkl, which modernizes both on-and off-street parking with the most advanced smart parking infrastructure that not only digitalizes existing analogue parking systems, but also provides booking solutions for office buildings and fleet management for companies. And that’s not all: Parkl also allows e-charger owners to easily manage their devices on a transparent interface. 


#3 Fridai – Germany 

Golden Kitty Award Winners 2019 – Audio and Voice Product 3rd place

The Golden Kitty Awards is an annual celebration of products, makers, and community members in which the winners are selected from 23 categories ranging from mobile applications to FinTech. Fridai drew attention to the audio and voice product category, which then finished in an impressive third place in the voting. But why are they so amazing? Fridai is built by people who understand best how a gamer assistant should work: the gamers themselves! They have created an AI-powered voice assistant for gamers to handle all the distracting tasks of streaming management, media capture, and more—all hands-free so that gamers can stay in the flow and enjoy the experience.


#4 Potato Plastic – Sweden

James Dyson Award 2018 – International Top 20

Environmentally conscious thinking is essential nowadays, and an important part of this is to use less and less plastic in our daily lives. That is why we love the Potato Plastic product, which is a biodegradable material made of potato starch. This means that it will decompose to form nutrients for the soil in only two months when it ends up in the countryside. But we are not the only ones who think such products are worth paying attention to: they have received the James Dyson Award which aims to celebrate, encourage and inspire the next generation of design engineers.


#5 Compocity – Hungary

Vodafone Digital Award 2020, Special Employee Award

Speaking of the environment, we cannot fail to mention Compocity, which simplifies and makes the composting process widely available for people living in cities, thus making a significant contribution to an environmentally conscious lifestyle. Who said you can’t act against climate change while sitting at work? Compocity is designed to hold its own in an office, school, institution hall or condominium, or even in our private apartments. Compocity’s smart indoor composter robot has a special composting mechanism that requires neither soil nor worms to be added, and is intended to shape and support the ecological cycle within cities.


+1 Pliance – Sweden

Regtech 100 202

Last but not least, we just have to mention Pliance, the Stockholm-based company dedicated to bringing modern technology to anti-money laundering processes. They offer application process interface (API) solutions for modern FinTech companies, automating their monitoring and screening to ensure compliance. It is no coincidence that Pliance has been added to the list of Regtech100, which collects the world’s most innovative RegTech companies. We are delighted to see innovation and digital transformation in such important processes which until recently still relied on old technologies and manual steps.



Of course, we are not only very proud of the successes mentioned above, in the light of the last year and a half, we can certainly say that every business that has been able to stand up to the difficulties caused by the pandemic is a champion.

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