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Now that the holiday season is upon us, we could not be more excited than we are. We know it’s kind of a cliché, but there are good reasons for Christmas being the favourite time of the year for so many people (including us): it is a time of giving, sharing, relaxing and spending some quality moments with family and friends. What’s not to love about that?

We also know that this is not always the easiest time although everybody tries to make this holiday as special and perfect as possible. So we decided to help you by collecting 5+1 companies that have caught our eye, and could help us to achieve the goal of a perfect holiday season:


 #1. TreeTime (Denmark)

holiday season Christmas companiesWhen we think of Christmas, probably one of the first images that pops up in our minds is a Christmas tree covered in twinkly decorations, lights and tinsel; because nothing can get us into the holiday spirit more than the scent of a pine tree.

Today, Christmas trees come in all different shapes and sizes, as traditional pine or artificial. The tradition of decorating a tree is embraced by millions of people worldwide from many different nations and cultures, so this is definitely something that is common and connects us regardless of nationality. However, we all know that the procedure of setting up the tree itself can make the Christmas period difficult. I mean, you may have personally experienced the joy of carrying your Christmas tree to a 10th-floor apartment from a merchant at the other end of town? If you haven’t already, we don’t really recommend it. 

Instead, check out TreeTime’s brilliant service. They deliver Christmas trees that you order online to your home, so you just get to enjoy the pleasure of decorating it. You do not have to drag it  onto the subway or tram, mess up your car or get your clothes dirty. 

The Christmas tree is delivered directly to your door.

It is so great to come upon these companies across Europe who undertake the job delivering trees to individual buyers too. We encourage all of you to take a look around to see if something similar is available in your area.


#2 Happy Tree (Switzerland)

We have always considered it important to emphasise that an environmentally conscious approach is essential today. But since we are talking about Christmas trees, we can not ignore the fact that 120 million trees are cut down every Christmas across the world, leading to large-scale deforestation and CO2 release. 

Most people would be saddened by these facts, but might feel that a lame plastic tree in their living room would be even sadder. So this made us think about how we could save the spirit of Christmas and be environmentally conscious at the same time?

We were delighted to discover that there are companies like Happy Tree who gave us a simple solution to this problem.

They have set themselves the goal of significantly reducing the number of Christmas trees being cut down, thus greatly improving the ecological balance. You now have the opportunity to experience Christmas without a guilty conscience about deforestation. With the brilliant service of Happy Tree, you can rent beautiful, alpine-hardened Christmas trees with root balls in biodegradable natural fibre pots.

How does it work? Simply order the tree of your dreams online that the company will ship to your home. During the holidays, the tree stays in a natural fibre-pot, so it also requires a little care and watering. When the holiday season is over, the tree will be picked up from you and taken to a nursery garden in the Alps where it will be cared for and used again the following year. Our wish for this Christmas is that they expand further beyond the borders of Switzerland by this time next year. 


#3  Rotolux (Belgium)

Naturally, gift-giving is a part of Christmas time and a tradition that cannot be ignored. Although many people have complained about aggressive marketing campaigns and over-commercialization of the holiday, giving presents may still be one of the reasons we love this holiday.

Gifts remind people we love them because they symbolise the emotional bonds we have formed. Consequently, we seek to make them as special and personalised as we can. Fortunately, there are companies who can help us achieve that aim.

Have you found an awesome gift, but you feel like it’s missing a final touch to perfect it?

Rotolux is a leading designer and manufacturer of gift wrapping products. You can give your wrapping paper a special touch by customising it with your logo or name, so it’s also useful for companies who want to give presents to their clients and partners. That way the customised paper will make you stand out from your competitors, and it’s a cool and efficient advertising tool as well.

We should also mention that we love this company, because it takes steps to use environmentally friendly solutions in its manufacturing processes. They have switched from solvent- to water-based inks to eliminate solvent emissions, and they collect and recycle wastewater, not to mention the fact that the paper is made from a natural renewable resource, wood, which can be produced in an endless cycle. 


#4 Konstsmide (Sweden)

Every year people get into the holiday spirit by affixing lights to their homes or gardens for all to see.

Holiday lights are among the most obvious and joyfulreminders that Christmas is just around the corner.  Christmas lights and decorations help people recall memories and make our homes even more special during the holiday season. 

Let’s start decorating with the help of Konstsmide, a Swedish company that creates everything from outdoor lighting, garden lighting to light sets for outdoor and indoor use. The company’s story started in 1947, when they made Sweden’s very first serially manufactured candlestick. 

Since then, the company has introduced a variety of new products, which can help you to make your home and garden look like a Christmas wonderland. Their product range currently consists of Christmas and outdoor lighting, but with the same self-evident requirements for high quality and safety, as well as for stylish and functional design.

It’s also worth mentioning that in the mid 1990s, they were the first company in the world to use LED technology for Christmas lighting, thus creating more sustainable and environmentally friendly products. 


#5 Gifts for Europe (Belgium)

Nowadays, it has become quite natural for many people to have family members, friends or clients and partners in different cities around Europe. holiday season Christmas companies

The result being that they cannot sit down next to the Christmas tree or around the festive dinner table in person.  But, why would that prevent you from surprising them for the holidays?

There are companies who think internationally – like us – and make it very easy to send gifts to your loved ones; for example, Gifts for Europe has more than 20 years of experience shipping international gifts to Germany, France, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, Spain and elsewhere! 

In a world where everyone wants to be unique, you need business gifts that stand out as well. This company pays extra-special attention to offering only top quality products and brands, with perfect presentation, service and company-branded gift tags. This is, indeed, the perfect way to make your company and your gift stand out from the crowd.


+1 Peeping into Santa’s world

Along with all the preparation for Christmas, we’re sure, we’re not saying anything new when we share how intrigued we are by what Santa has been up to.

We all know the history and story behind Saint Nicholas, how he started bringing joy and later became a concept in himself. Luckily for all of us, now, he physically lives at the exceptional North Pole.

Although he does visit certain countries on the night before the 6th of December, make no mistake, unbelievable magic still surrounds the way he finishes his job just in time for Christmas. 

If you are still suspicious about his good-deeds you can peep into his world on the official site of his village.  

Or, if you would  like to send a personalised video, a message, or talk to Santa on the phone, you can do that too. Portable North Pole (PNP) was launched in 2008, to create an online platform for Santa and his elves to be able to send customised messages anywhere and everywhere in the world, so they would be able to spread an extra portion of festive spirit. 

And, if you are interested in where he goes on the 24th of December, and whether he makes it to your place, you can track his flight around the world as well.

Christmas time is magical because it has the power to transport us on round trips through time. Holidays allow us to savour the things we tend to overlook at other times of the year so let’s enjoy it as much as possible, and start the new year filled with yet more beautiful memories.


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