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I could hardly wait for school to start on 1st September every year. I was interested in learning new things and finding answers to more of my never ceasing “but why?” questions. Even though I am not in school anymore – except for some short detours like at Linnéuniversitetet which turned out to be a life changing milestone for KassaiLaw -, I still can feel the excitement of a new start every 1st September. Neither my constant “but why?” questions nor the eagerness to learn new things stopped ever since, even though I find myself more and more often at the giving and not the receiving end of it.

There are tons of new possibilities in every new start. I can feel them by working outside in the garden, surrounded by autumn colors, scents and lights. I am trying to look into the future of this strange and unusual 2020, planning for the company, my team, us. Uncertainty is part of our everyday life as entrepreneurs, but life’s taken it to another level. On the other hand, it was really uplifting and inspiring to see in the spring how people shook themselves up after the first shock and started adjusting to the new circumstances with a huge amount of creativity and innovation. Humankind is fascinating.

I wish you all a great start to the autumn chapter and that all your plans come true even now, in 2020. Let creativity and innovation strive and bloom for the benefit of all of us.

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