The information age we live in is disrupting everything it can, and we couldn’t be happier. First, because there is no progress without disruption. Second, as lawyers, there is nothing more challenging and mentally rewarding than finding viable solutions for our clients in areas where the law is lagging behind and can’t even closely follow the technological breakthroughs at the gate of the fourth industrial revolution. For us, that is when our eyes light up. That is why we have become innovation and technology lawyers, and that is why we couldn’t be prouder of our clients.



Turning your ideas into reality and starting a company can be pretty challenging. Whether it is some advice on validation, competitive analysis, pitching, product-market fit you need, or some legal competence on building your team, the company structure, your online presence or creating your products and services you require, our experienced team is more than happy to help you. We have helped a couple of hundred projects and companies in their formation and other initial corporate matters, fundraising, IP strategies, contracts, or identifying and handling the legal risks of their business, along with providing regulatory compliance for them, and we are always there for you, too.


Improving your business is crucial once you have already handled the bumpy road of the initial phases of growth. With our goal of understanding your business first and then coming up with the best legal fits for you, we can easily adapt to your special needs. Supporting your corporate, contractual, compliance or investment concepts and views is our major objective. We believe that the law is not there to build obstacles, but rather to guide you on the entrepreneurial journey to make your company bloom. Stable and persistent growth requires solid processes, policies and structures, rock hard legal and business foundations and well-known responsibilities. Whether you need to build those up from scratch or to optimize the existing ones, we are glad to help out either way.


In the mature stage, your business faces new opportunities and challenges every day. If you need continuous legal support in a virtual in-house role, just some reinforcement or staff-on-demand in the course of a complex transaction, international market entry, new investment round, business development or simply rationalisation, we are keen to share our experience and get that burden off your shoulders so that you can focus on the areas where your business needs you the most in order to grow.


Business mentoring is a great experience and a real win-win relationship for both your business and for us. You can ask all the questions that you have never dared or wanted to ask before. You can get new perspectives that you might have missed, something that is totally understandable since you have been involved with your company day and night for a while. It can open new windows, doors and a realm of new ideas. For us, it is a chance to give back to the community. We are really proud of our mentored teams making great success, either by mastering their validation, winning a prestigious pitch competition, prosperously closing an investment round or killing it at the negotiation table. You ask, we share and you grow. That is our biggest victory.


Quantum computers. Flying cars. Operations executed by robots. Chips implanted into humans. Genetic editing. The sci-fi world  is getting closer and closer to becoming a reality. In fact, if you visit a tech conference you can personally experience and feel that the future has become the present. We live in a world where change has hit dramatic heights at exponential speed. The so-called fourth industrial revolution, driven by technology, will dramatically change our lives in basically all areas, even if some parts might seem to be somewhat resistant at this still early stage. This revolution challenges everything, from the simplest daily activities to the core values of humankind. Working with technology requires special skills and attitude and a constant alert state by all professionals, but it is extremely rewarding to see the companies setting foot in highly competitive markets, growing, or being acquired by mature market actors while shaping our future. As technology lawyers, we couldn’t feel more alive by the constant challenges and teasers of this revolution and its daily legal and business developments.


Haven’t you found your tech area in the above? Whether you work in spacetech, healthtech, sportstech or any other industry, we would love to hear more about you. We are curious, adventurous and eager to learn about  new areas, especially now that most of the above are so closely related and have so many overlapping questions and problems that we are almost certainly familiar with many of your business issues too. Solving real life’s practical problems and advising companies, having to handle them is a big responsibility which we are happy to share with you. Let us know how we can help.

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