Data has become the next oil, some say. With it becoming the most valuable resource on Earth, it requires new angles and innovative, yet seemingly conservative ways of protecting the people—yes, data protection is not at all about the data—irresponsibly sharing their personal data all over the internet and the world, making whistleblowers like Edward Snowden famous. Negligence with personal data can lead to unprecedented consequences and crimes, the surface of which we are just about to begin to scratch and comprehend. Identity thefts, customer manipulations or spying are just the tip of the iceberg and no, they do not only happen in sci-fi movies. Consequently, it is important to realize that creating a GDPR-proof data protection documentation and privacy policy cannot be avoided anymore. It is even more interesting that seemingly there is a basic misunderstanding among the companies on how GDPR compliance should be achieved, interpreted and adopted. We are happy to set doubts to rest for our clients.

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