When it comes to AI applications, you could hardly ask for a more prominent and better demonstration of technology than that which smart cars, as well as drone manufacturers, or robots are accomplishing with it. With autonomous vehicles running on the roads and autonomous drones delivering the shipments, which are connected and thus able to share the learning with each other, a significant amount of transportation and service related issues can be resolved faster and more effectively, not to mention the healthtech application of AI and robotics. However, who is liable if a drone causes an accident? What happens if the robot sends false signals to the doctor in the course of an operation? Who should be ‘chosen’ in an accident by the autonomous car, the elderly person on the sidewalk or my friend sitting next to me? Serious ethical questions have been arising along the way of technological development. There might not be globally accepted final answers yet, but being part of the road which leads there by assisting our clients is equally motivating.

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