How to build a successful business

– Intensive course –

Objectives and goals

The course aims to give attendees a clear picture of the entrepreneurial journey from its outset, and then supports them in turning their ideas into real businesses. The Academy provides business and non-business oriented participants with the basic skills necessary to succeed as an entrepreneur.

Learning outcomes

The course concentrates on the early development phases of a company and gives an overview of the major challenges that need to be considered and handled before the decision is made to launch a business, as well as during its operation and growth.

The course gives participants a solid knowledge base that they can use to identify business opportunities, and develop them into ventures by means of comprehensive planning and strategy making method. By placing special emphasis on a practical approach, by the end of the course, participants will be able to:


» Understand the role of entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial journey
» Find and evaluate business ideas and opportunities
» Create a winning team that is able to realize its vision
» Develop business concepts, creating relevant business strategies and managing growth
» Understand the basics of the business plan
» Understand the economic conditions that are essential in running a business
» Select the best form of ownership for the business
» Determine how to protect the idea so that it becomes a product or service


» Become familiar with the fundamentals of operating and managing a business
» Understand the essentials of branding
» Sell and market the product or service, which involves the essentials of market selection, positioning and marketing strategies
» Understand the basics of financial planning and financial statements
» Distinguish between different sources of financing, select the best fit and successfully prepare the venture to obtain financing


The Academy’s methodology offers a practical perspective that guides the participants through each topic, applying what has been learnt to an imaginary project or the participants own existing project in the course of the afternoon workshops. Mentoring is provided by the lecturers if requested.


Timeframe:  6 consecutive days
Structure: 6×45 minutes lectures daily and flexible workshops in the afternoons where teams work on their own projects
Assessment: on the 6th day
Capacity: around 20 people, but flexible


Oral: Each team has to pitch their ideas in front of the class. The target audience that they have to address their pitch to will be chosen by the other attendees through voting.

Written: Each team has to prepare a business model canvas and a ‘one pager’ to investors about the project they had been working on.

 you would like to get a sneak preview of the entrepreneurial journey, and the ups and downs of running your own business
 you are planning to launch a business, but do not know where to start
 you have an idea that is stuck in the ‘dreaming-about-it’ phase
 you need a kickstart to finally launch your career as an entrepreneur
 you prefer to work and study in a highly focused, structured and productive way

 you already have significant entrepreneurial experience
 you would prefer a less tight schedule to build up new information and knowledge in order for it to be efficiently applied in practice
 you are a business school graduate (Although we are fairly sure we could surprise you too!)


dr. Karola Xenia KASSAI

dr. Agnes GOHER

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