Fintech Foundations

– Course plan –

Day 1


Unravelling the Mystery: What is FinTech? 

Specific goals are to: 

  1. Understand the notion of ‘FinTech’, and what it means from the perspectives of  large firms, entrepreneurs, investors and consumers 
  2. Identify the main players in the FinTech ecosystem and the main areas of FinTech  3. Pave the path and provide the foundations for participants to build a better  understanding of opportunities and changes 


a) What is FinTech (and what is it not)?  
b) The FinTech ecosystem 
c) Understanding FinTech innovation: Why is finance being transformed today?  d) FinTech from different perspectives:  
      – FinTech for Dinosaurs 
      – FinTech for Entrepreneurs  
      – FinTech for Investors  
      – FinTech for Consumers 
e) FinTech players and the latest innovations 

Afternoon workshop 

Introduction to the mini-capstone project, participants form teams and decide what  they’ll work on over the coming days before they start mapping out the ecosystem 



Day 2


The ‘Fin’ and the ‘Tech’ in FinTech 

Specific goals are to: 

  1. Examine the various applications of FinTech and understand the areas in which it  can be useful 
  2. Dig into the technology behind FinTech 
  3. Understand what FinTech means for established businesses and how they could  benefit from its use 


a) Business applications of FinTech:  

– Lending & Personal Finance  

– Crowd-Funding and Business Financing  

– Payments, Payment Systems and Retail Transactions  

– Equity, Trading and Investments  

– Cryptocurrencies  

– Challenger Banks  

b) Basics of FinTech technology 

– Identity, Privacy, and Anonymity  

– Blockchain and Encryption  

– Big Data and Analytics  

– AI and Automation 

c) FinTech Implications for established businesses 

– Why is FinTech a Threat? 

– Global Trends  

– Strategies for Banks and Insurance Companies 

Afternoon workshop 

Teams map out the ecosystem, the application areas, refine their idea, agree on the  strategy and start preparing their report 



Day 3


The legal side of FinTech 

Specific goals are to: 

  1. Gain a basic understanding of what laws and regulations exist in the FinTech field 2. Familiarise with the general legal background for a more successful FinTech  business 


a) What can go wrong when FinTechs don’t understand the basic regulations b) Regulation of cryptocurrency 

– cryptocurrency as money 

– cryptocurrency and taxes 

– cryptocurrency mining 

c) Regulating Initial Coin Offerings 

d) FinTech Lending and the legal considerations 

e) FinTech and anti-money laundering 

f) The place for FinTech companies within the legal framework 

Afternoon workshop 

Teams finish preparing their report and create their pitch 



Day 4


Presentation by each team



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