Fintech Foundations

– Regular course –

Objectives and goals

Our main goal with this course is help participants understand FinTech, become familiar with industry and the technology and provide them with a clear picture and solid knowledge of what is happening in FinTech. The Academy provides important skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the new world of finance.

Learning outcomes

The course focuses on the basics of FinTech and is designed to explore the fundamentals of FinTech and bring awareness on the changes technology and innovation are triggering in finance.

Attendees of the course will become confident in their knowledge of the industry and the technology itself, and by gaining basic understanding of FinTech, they can apply this knowledge to analyse, strategize and make recommendations to executives withing the financial field on how to react to these changes or, those with the entrepreneurial spirit, start building their own FinTech startup.

In this course, participants will learn about, and understand:

» What FinTech is, and the major areas in FinTech
» The FinTech landscape and ecosystem
» Who the main players in FinTech are
» The business applications of FinTech
» The core technologies driving FinTech, such as Blockchain and cryptocurrencies
» Basic FinTech regulation
» Business and regulatory implications of technology for the financial industry

The course is constructed with a practical approach in mind. By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

» Identify the players of the FinTech ecosystem, those who are leading the new world of finance
» Describe the impact technology has on the different sectors of finance
» Analyse and evaluate what is driving technology innovation in Finance
» Recognise the opportunities Fintech brings to the finance industry
» Demonstrate different models of innovation in finance.


The Academy’s methodology offers a practical perspective that guides the participants through each topic, applying what has been learnt to an imaginary project or the participants own existing project in the course of the afternoon workshops. Mentoring is provided by the lecturers if requested.


Timeframe:  4 consecutive days
Structure: 5×45 minutes lectures daily and flexible workshops in the afternoons where teams work on their own projects
Assessment: on the 4th day
Capacity: around 20 people, but flexible


Oral: Each team will pitch their idea they worked on and the strategy they came up with

Written: Each team has to prepare a report as part of their project

you have always wanted to learn about FinTech, but didn’t know where to start
you would like to know what the newest trends are in the financial industry
you are thinking about innovating your business using technology but you’re a little lost in the FinTech labyrinth
you have been playing with the idea to once launch your own FinTech startup, and you need basic knowledge of the trends and technology, so you don’t have to leave it up to the rest of your team
you are simply interested and want to have a basic understanding of the mysterious cryptocurrencies and Blockchain

you already have significant experience and knowledge in FinTech 
you are very tech savvy – we will cover the basics but will not go deep into the Blockchain well 
you prefer learning alone, at your own pace 


dr. Karola Xenia KASSAI

dr. Dora KADAR

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