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We are keen advocates of lifelong learning, especially nowadays, when everything around us can change in the blink of an eye. We find it crucial, not only for personal development purposes, but also for enhancing competitiveness and employability. We have been active members of the European entrepreneurial ecosystem for a while, trying to share as much experience and knowledge as possible, and in many different ways, such as mentoring, lecturing, jurying or acting as legal advisors; however, something was missing.

In the course of our work, we encountered countless unique projects, teams, issues and challenges, but despite their individuality, we could still clearly see and identify certain patterns that needed to be handled repeatedly in many teams, and which mostly arose through a lack of knowledge.

The idea of the KassaiLaw Entrepreneurship Academy was conceived, born and raised at the behest of some universities in Sweden and Hungary. They engaged us to do entrepreneurship courses for their students. It was during these we realized that teaching according to our own values, from our own belief system and to our own expectations regarding the ecosystem is the most rewarding and efficient way to create value, not just at an individual, but at a community level.

Which is why we have created the KassaiLaw Entrepreneurship Academy. It is for all of us who believe in lifelong learning, and that sharing entrepreneurial knowledge doesn’t have to be an institutional privilege.

The vision of the KassaiLaw Entrepreneurship Academy is of spreading the entrepreneurial mindset and showing how running your own business is a realistic option, one which should be considered when choosing or changing a career path. The Academy’s ultimate goal is to facilitate the creation of prosperous businesses in a quick, highly effective, practical and personal way.

We do not offer online courses.
We devote our time personally to you, to your dreams, to your visions and to your project. We believe in personal encounters, which is why our courses are travelling workshops that we are happy to adjust and customize to meet your own particular needs, including those of timing or location.

For further information on courses and pricing, please, feel free to contact us at office@old.kassailaw.blankpage.hu.

We are looking forward to working with you.

KassaiLaw Team

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