A paradigm shift has been sweeping through the legal industry and in 2012, we decided to be one of its pioneers: with our entrepreneurial mindset and technological understanding, we said goodbye to outdated arrangements and processes and are here with a new perspective to break down the borders of the legal industry and reshape the way law firms can collaborate with their clients.

WE KNOW that the world has been undergoing significant change at a pace that no one has actually ever seen, experienced or predicted before, which is changing the expectations of clients, businesses and workforce alike. This dramatic revolution driven by globalisation, technology and demographics cannot be ignored by any industry without consequences.

WE KNOW that practicing the law of emerging technologies and exponential growth requires some new skills that were previously unknown, unimagined and unexpected in the legal industry. A mixture of creativity, innovative problem solving, complex analytical yet flexible mindset, forward-thinking, speed, proactivity and fluid, intuitive and responsive processes are  essential to be able to serve the needs of the businesses working in tech, where experimentation, flexibility and agile methods are crucial to success. WE KNOW that novel solutions and new ideas can only evolve in such an environment, and can only be served properly by equally dynamic teams.

Being entrepreneurs ourselves, and by having a clear understanding of the technologies concerned, the law of innovation, the imminent regulatory risks, the business fields our clients are in and the related markets, WE KNOW how to create and build up a unique strategic and business law background that is perfectly customized and fitted to your targeted business goals and solutions, in the language you understand and feel most comfortable with.

Last, but not least, WE KNOW and believe that the formal, official and hierarchical work methods of traditional law firms need to feel refreshing new winds blowing through them in order for the legal market to be able to adjust to the needs of its clients in the 21st century. Which is why we have established a more informal, casual and flexible working style in which your lawyer is a welcomed fellow member of your team, not a remote external legal supervisor who is there to spoil your fun instead of sharing in it.

That is the secret ‘spice’  behind our success, which has resulted in a progressive, disruptive, broad-minded and motivating client base who are the reason we love opening our email boxes, even on Mondays.


We like the speed, the understandable explanations, and the superb customer care we receive at KassaiLaw, which is why I confidently recommend them to anybody who is trying to navigate their way through the sea of startup law, as we are.



I recommend KassaiLaw because of their unique enthusiasm, that gave us huge confidence and made us feel secure. They always explained in detail why all the necessary steps matter, and for what reasons it would be beneficial to put more effort into specific elements. Whenever possible, they have shown us different ways to solve problems correctly. We not only have a good partner and professional materials, but we also have talented advisors who have committed themselves to taking care of our project.



My journey as a ‘start-upper’ and entrepreneur began with a TV show and my being a trainer, coming up with a new trend and a tool to develop versatile skills. Meeting with KassaiLaw was an advance study on entrepreneurship. I have learnt a lot from them and from the homework. I have managed to increase my knowledge about my own market, finance and business models, to get the big picture I need. They have held my hand all along my journey on this bumpy road. The decisions, firstly to be a business person and then to work with KassaiLaw were two of my best.
Thank you for your help so far and that you are always there!



The only reason I would ever use another legal service is if KassaiLaw were too busy to take my work on! Karola and her team have been an absolute delight to work with. They create a safe space where trust is easy, they answer every question and query, no matter how trivial, and offer a support system rather than a service. Their turnaround is always quick and efficient, and they go the extra mile – just what the fast-moving startup world needs. Truly for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs. 


Flow concepts

Karola and her team take legal advisory activities to the next level for startups and tech intensive enterprises. Clients get quick and agile legal inputs for the specific field, and you can see legal support is there to help you achieve your business aims, and not to waste your energy by creating problems. What a difference!

Rita Labundy

innovation consultant, self-entrepreneur

KassaiLaw is highly professional, fast and proactive. Any startup that needs help with legal advice, from NDA, SHA, GTC to PP and more, please don’t hesitate to reach out. The team is very easy to work with and offers great packages for startups.

Peter Andersson

CMO, Togee Technologies

Thank you KassaiLaw for joining us to mentor teams at Economy&Environment track at The Global Hack. You provided great help mentoring, advising and giving useful insights about data protection and regulatory compliance. It was great to observe that you were not only available for anyone who asked for help but also proactively offered your support.

Ieva Upeniece

Head of Partnerships, Baltic Sandbox

Karola and her staff have guided us on our journey from launching our company through pre-seed and seed investments. Their uniqueness lies in the combination of their legal background and their business competencies. They have supported us in developing our delivery startup from an idea to a company that delivers about 1.000 parcels daily and has a company valuation of EUR 1.2 million. We recommend KassaiLaw to every startup no matter if they are at an early stage or scaling up, they will definitely benefit from such a partnership.

Tamás Tüske

CEO, Viddl

Karola’s team always maximally keeps our needs and requests in mind, paying particular attention to meeting deadlines. Without exception, they publish work that we read with pleasure and complete confidence. Thanks to their professional knowledge, its excellent quality is guaranteed. Because of their precise work, they have been able to provide significant help to our company on several occasions in recent years. I highly recommend their services to their prospective clients with confidence.

Bence Major

Region Manager, Megadrive

KassaiLaw has proven time and again why they are the law firm of choice. Consistent, on time with high quality deliverables. In privacy, commercial and regulatory matters, KassaiLaw either has the domain knowledge in-house or will immerse themselves quickly in the subject matter. For Safello, operating in the innovative new field of cryptocurrencies with regulatory uncertainties, this makes KassaiLaw the ideal partner.

Frank Schuil

CEO, Safello

Going beyond a standard legal support, accuracy in providing advice, and availability of the team members is what in a few quick words describes KassaiLaw. The precision of work and tailored solutions have been always above the expectations. They call themselves ‘a pioneer virtual law firm of the 21st century’ and we can honestly say it is a well-deserved description of how they work on each case and when contacting a client.

Margareta Kowalska

Co-founder, SmartCoding Sweden AB

Our goal is to challenge the legal industry and reinvent the law firm experience for innovative businesses of all sizes.

Startup law does not have to be a confusing maze anymore—work with us and be a part of the New Law experience!


I started out with a laptop from a living room in Budapest, Hungary in 2011. I had nothing apart from the legal experience coming from an overly traditional environment, and a vision of how the legal industry should work in the 21st century. This was because what I saw around me in this field was more than unsatisfying. I needed to renew and reshape the concept of the conservative, old-fashioned, highly hierarchical and blunt law firms to make it better suit my mindset, my personality and, more importantly, the changing needs of our times.

Being an innovative and disruptive entrepreneur myself, choosing the area of innovation and technology was more an inevitability than a conscious choice. Tech found me and hasn’t let me go since we first met. I might be slightly biased, but I believe that it is hard to find a more dynamic, challenging, exciting and creative business industry with so many brilliant minds, one in which you can so literally shape the future every single day wherever you are on the planet.

I bootstrapped the whole company and reinvested every single euro for years, building on organic growth. This road might appear to be a bumpy one at first glance, but that strategy also made it possible for me to work by one of the most valued principles: independence. Later on, more amazing, like-minded and motivated lawyers and other professionals joined me on this journey to continue building together what KassaiLaw has become today.

Having worked with entrepreneurship for a decade, and being entrepreneurs ourselves, WE KNOW the special needs of innovative companies. We are also familiar with all the pros and cons, all the rewards and challenges which come with building your own company and realizing your vision and dreams. WE KNOW all about  self-reliance, responsibility, uncertainty and resilience. WE KNOW exactly how it feels to disrupt a business when no one understands what you are about. WE KNOW how it feels to swim against the tide, about all the struggles, about the roller coaster, the pivots you need to turn to evolve hand in hand with your clients. Yet we are never going to stop being curious, unconventional, resourceful and adaptive because, in the end, we all want to live in a better world. So we had better create it together.


We are a borderless virtual law firm that advises the newest technologies, and thus fully takes advantage of them. By using cloud-based solutions, online means of communication and AI-driven tech tools, we are able to provide high-standard, flexible business and legal services at affordable prices. Being a virtual law firm has also allowed us to essentially break down geographical and intellectual barriers in the legal industry and to have an extensive reach, with clients all over the EU across the complete range of tech businesses.

We firmly believe that legal strategies and solutions evolve organically together with business goals, and that a startup lawyer is an essential partner to a new business, instead of simply taking an  executive role. In order for an innovative business to be successful, these two perspectives need to work together. That is why we have created a comprehensive business development method the key to which is “understand to be understood”. As your tech lawyers, we embrace your goals and guide you through the often difficult, unclear or incomplete laws for technology, always seeking to serve them instead of being the bottleneck in their realisation.

Built around the principles of New Law, our firm, with its innovative business model and our different and flexible approach to the provision of business law related services, will be a refreshing new experience for your company, in a field that remains highly reluctant to ‘give in’ to the waves of new, emerging technologies and the related mindset.

Why hire Kassailaw?


WE KNOW that your project is unique and needs tailored advice and care; which is why we have adopted a truly client-driven approach and processes that allow us to provide flexibility both internally and externally, in line with your preferences. If you need us to sit in your office for a week to co-innovate services, we are there for you. If you need staff-on-demand for a project, we are there for you. If you need special pricing, such as capped fees, blended rates, fixed pricing, volume purchase discounts, retainers, or any other hybrid approaches, we are there for you. For us, you always come first, but in action and not just in words. We believe in individualized services because every business has some special needs that templates can hardly fulfill. We will always devote our personal time and attention to you. You will always be listened to, heard, understood and served according to your special needs, in the way that is best for you.


WE KNOW what it takes to break new ground and succeed. We created our firm from scratch and have built up a broad international clientele over the years. We have helped  many businesses to take similar steps before you, and we are prepared to continue the success with yours. We believe that when running a business, legal and business matters should not be handled separately. Legal issues for tech companies can only be solved with an entrepreneurial mindset, otherwise the lawyers would find themselves in situations that become rather counterproductive for their own clients, and instead of solving issues they would only create more. Innovation cannot work without these core skill sets. At Kassailaw, we never simply execute legal tasks for you. We use our insights and our comprehensive business understanding to clear your legal issues out of your way so that you can focus on business development and the other tasks that matter. That is what innovation deserves.


WE KNOW what you can expect from different business environments, how various markets react and work or how to target your message in the most efficient form in different countries. These are all crucial elements of success when entering new markets. Our integrated business and law approach also means that we have an understanding of the different business cultures in different regions. Our team members have altogether lived, studied and worked in more than 6 countries and cultures, and have gained deep insight into each of them. Through this, and also by having clients throughout the EU, we can provide an international perspective for your company without having to hire regular international law firms. With us the world is as borderless as you want it to be, in a more casual and informal way, but always according to the highest professional standards.


WE KNOW how it feels to have to explain blockchain for the 100th time before you actually can get down to business with your advisor. We have more than a decade of experience working with innovative tech businesses and startups of all sizes. We were among the first in the startup field in the CEE region—yes, we have been doing this since before it was cool. Our colleagues have broad experience across the range of legal issues that innovative companies can expect to be confronted by in the course of their business operations, as well as with ones that are less expected, that arise in the newest, disruptive and less regulated business areas. We are prepared for anything, anytime and not afraid to accept the challenge.


WE KNOW that many law firms pass on the startup cases to their junior associates and paralegals, which then unfortunately in many cases is visible in the actual outcome. At Kassailaw, Karola Kassai personally handles every client and every case. Associates and other colleagues obviously take part in the process, but nothing goes unnoticed by Karola, rest assured that your case is handled in the most professional way possible. This approach results in a more personal client-attorney relationship ensuring that our clients’ legal needs are met and exceeded by offering high-quality legal work and customized client service.

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